Apex Legends – How to get Apex Predator rank in Season 3 (Mastering Series Guide)

5 essential rank tips to get to the highest rank in apex legends ranked mode. This is how to get to apex predator in season 3!

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  1. I'm stuck in platinum, training to get better aim, using aim lab, trying to understand some paths in game, but god damn, it's really hard. I don't know what to do to get better and rank up :'( 100% frustrated

  2. I’m shocked that you didn’t mention anything in regards to choosing a legend that suits your play style and mastering them. If you’re a pathfinder main but can’t grapple right then you’ll most likely not even make it out of gold

  3. I'll give the discord a look for any Xbox players but I've never been one to go out of my way to find random people to play with. Last time I did that was for Destiny Raids. Since then I've developed slight social anxiety lol and I just enjoy playing with friends that I know significantly more. So having no one to play with is a valid excuse.

  4. Trying to get to predator until S4 starts in 3 days (currently at Dia IV), I have a higher chance to get points and find decent teammates when playing alone then pre-made but I still loose all my points at some point…Idk what to do anymore I try everything :/

  5. Oh man thanks i actually hit diamond today after a month of dedication and let me tell ya it actually feels good and i got my first 4k badge along the way. Quite the journey

  6. pub match is a streamer term, for when streamers play with viewers (aka "public" game). Pub doesn't apply for when you specify non-ranked games… it's not a generalizable term. Either say reg, normal or non-ranked match
    Also, mechanics doesn't mean a thing… what is that?

  7. can i get some advice from anyone on strategy? like for example should I push at all or mainy go for placement and let kills ome to me when i have setup? such like that, anything helps.

  8. Someone help me on Xbox! I’m diamond four! I’ve been playing solo and manage to make it diamond with ransoms with me pulling most of the weight. GT: SPACCECAT

  9. First of all good Internet and computer.I’m playing with lenovo laptop.I’m playing at 60-70fps(mixed settings).When you have very fluid system it’s to much easier than you thought.

  10. This is my plan to reach predator: PLAY SOLO i reached solo diamond 4 and im running from enemies im always looking for a charge rifle to steal a kill from a fighting team far away

  11. I am new to ranked so I am in bronze 3, I am about to start playing ranked now so I would need some good teammates on PS4. I am level 60, if you wish to add me my PSN is MAANMOA

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