A Lore Friendly Buff Idea for Bloodhound in Apex Legends

A Lore Friendly Buff Idea for Bloodhound in Apex Legends. let’s hope Apex season 4 brings a good buff for Bloodhound, Mirage and Octane.

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  1. The pulse blade will be create fro a tactical, or they could just make that enemies don’t see your scan, for passive they could improve hearing on enemy footsteps, and show them as well but on a descreate yellow tone, and the ultimate what they did was nice, increase the ultimate on kills. But is a nice character non the less, I’ve seen idiots comparing bloodhound to pathfinder and wraith they’re no even the same type of character

  2. Thought for ages his tactical or ult should send out his bird which tracks down an enemy and then attacks them impairing vision and showing location for bloodhound, haven't thought about times or vision impairment level but the concept at base level is interesting

  3. Would just giving mirage the ability to throw his decoy with the skin on one of his teammates be too powerful ? It sounds like a good idea but what do I know I've only played for around 15 days now.

  4. a good idea for his passive would be displaying things like if a enemys shields were destroyed or if they used healing tools what kind pheonix or cells. this would be amasing for if you are tracking or hunting a damaged target

  5. I would start by adding new things such as the Tactical having less CD / can store up to 2 or 3 charges to use. Pretty much like wattson's Tactical or Caustic's. Then, a lot more time to see enemies, maybe 8 seconds or 10. Anda a longer range.

    Other cool changes would be like using the tactical reveals a small HUD with the enemies' exact armor and HP, that would be cool to check if rushing in with your ultimate is worth or not.
    Maybe giving him more Mov.Speed with the Utimate, or that it now gives you DMG resistance like gibraltar's, or more DMG dealt. To at the end make you SUPERIOR over the enemy, 'cuz you ARE the ultimate hunter.

    A cool passive would be that his footsteps or any sounds whatsoever are completely shutdown/quieted down a bit. You're a hunter, not a two-legged circus.

  6. I have a good buff idea for Bloodhound's ultimate:
    When it is triggered bloodhound now cannot be slowed by caustic and wattson's traps, heavy ammo bullets and explosions. This would make him amazing at destroy ing camp heavy team comps

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