7 Things that Apex Legends Does Better than Fortnite | ArcadeCloud

We have been LOVING Apex Legends! This breakout title has been all we’ve played since launch. Here are the ways that Apex Legends might be the game to dethrone Fortnite that gamers have been waiting for.

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7 Things that Apex Legends Does Better than Fortnite | ArcadeCloud

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  1. i think apex is better when they make a new map, fortnites new map has bad textures,wierd shape,weird named locations and trash gun textures in your inventory and trash healsth bar wher apex has good textures lots of colour and didnt change the HUD

  2. Apex has come a long way and after I played for the three seasons and found my main character "wattson" it's been alot of fun. So to all you fortnite fans out there, where will go, to building or playing with a team of three and kick ass while not worrying about building more crap in an area. The choice is yours, happy fighting.

  3. Apex is better in my opinion because instead of being forced to play one play style, you can try new characters and they even have special ability’s, so it is a test of skill and not just fire your bullets at what you think is a person

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