6 Things PUBG Can Do That Fortnite CAN'T

REASONS WHY PUBG IS BETTER THAN FORTNITE. The gaming world has been taken by storm by two massively popular battle royale games: PlayerUnknownโ€™s Battlegrounds and Fortnite! Obviously, this being the internet, we are compelled to argue that one of them is clearly better than the other and that anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

This is TheGamerโ€™s list of 6 Things PUBG Can Do That Fortnite Can’t!

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Is there anything PUBG does better than Fortnite that…


  1. Fortnite

    . Cant dress up only skins
    . Cant use ghillie suit only a bush
    . Cant use FPP
    . Cant use scope on any gun
    . No realistic graphic like pubg
    . Cant use 4 use different maps
    . No red zone
    . No chat
    . No others coins only vbucks
    . No vehicles
    . No realistic weapons
    . No crossbow
    . No full name of the gun
    . No armor
    . No ragdolls
    . No box to putt stuff inside when die well fortnite just pop the stuff and lost it

    Wow there are so many stuff that fortnite dont have in pubg

  2. I play PUBG to like if you do to

    And things that pubg is listed below
    1. They donโ€™t have gliders like Fortnite , although they do have gliders but now cool and like Fortnite
    2.weapons designed like Fortnite
    3. cant build like Fortnite
    Not hating

  3. Purpose build design favors fortnite. Itโ€™s less consequential where the mode are weaker. And having two things that are good favors fortnite. And fortnite doesnโ€™t struggle.

  4. Pubg is a baby game 0.1B IQ fortnite is better than this games just we need to use our much game
    I am not fighting I know that pubg and fortnite is good don't say that fortnite is bad both games are good

  5. Funny story time:

    I recently played a game of PUBG with a kid who kept bragging how he would win since he came straight from Fortnite. My squad was using voice chat so we heard him ramble on and on about how "PUBG was for noobs" and that "he will carry us to victory". That was the most BS statement I ever heard in my life. He insisted that we land in the school (I don't know why we listened to him but we did) because "nobody wants to go to school". He ended up dying in the first three minutes. The entire time he was screeching about how "THERE ARE HACKERS SHOOTING ME!" and how us " noobs" (keep in mind I was playing with people who, based on their gear/ clothing, had been playing for multiple seasons) had terrible aim". The little SOB did not realize that we were in another building at the time. Moral of story is that PUBG has separate skills from Fortnite.


    To all you little kids who are trying to argue that Fortnite is better, I have played both games. Fittings is way to easy. Also, most of you guys can't shoot for crap.

    PUBG player who is trying to be polite to the tiny kids

  6. Fortnite=bad. pubg=cool.

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