1. Playing through RDR for the first and I really like how dynamic it feels. It seems like this is what far cry 5 tried to do (world event wise), but felt redundant. It’s even more amazing given the age of the title. My only complaint would be the controls, but this could be more because of the games have evolved, rather than actually being bad. I am almost certain that these will refined for the sequel.

  2. Gta V online already hurt the single player. Biggest example we didn't get the single player DLC we were supposed to get. In case RDR2 it's already already planned that they are focusing on online part but not sure how it's gonna affect single player contents.

  3. So besides the predictable enemies and dangerous animals….I'm curious about more serious things like dealing with ghosts or cannibals in RDR2 watching YOU from a distance or close by if ghost or ghosts than your gun or guns are useless. There's bound to be mountain people and crazy miners….Imagine running from a cannibal and a bear gets him during your chase but now you have to outrun a bear lol. I'm shades and i call that trophy "DOUBLE DANGER".

  4. I believe you can make another one of these videos, now that we have 3 trailers and a lot of gameplay info. There's much more reasons rdr2 will be better that gtav

  5. This game could really ( Stand Out ) over all other shooters with a true Southpaw mode that makes the Character hold and draw and Aim from the left . All other shooters I have seen only switches the controller buttons. Still Loving your RDR videos !!!!!

  6. Hate to say it but… there is a real world logic to gta 5 and how characters handle getting it. They are flabbergasted, in intense pain and really are more concerned with their own blood loss then shooting back. Quite often they are in so much pain that they fall over stunned. Surviving the hit means they are realistically slow to recover and often just prefer to shoot at you while on the ground holding a hand on the wound.

    It's by far the most plausible experience in gaming. That doesn't mean it's best of course. I just prefer that to its polar opposite which must be border lands whose gameplay seems to solely consist of finding the most powerful weapons in the universe and at point blank range firing round after round into your enemies face while they ignore whatever negligible damage you are doing and shoot back like nothing happened. Generally you do this for about 30 minutes per enemy who upon death is promptly replaced by a new, even tougher one (who can handle 45 minutes of getting shot in the face) via the doorway behind the last guy who took 42,000,000,000 (yes billion) bullets to kill.

    Frankly I'll take the gta 5 experience.

  7. I just hope the story is worth getting immersed in, unlike gta 5's piece of shit story. And now with Leslie Benzie gone, we can just hope for the best.

  8. If rockstar san Diego was so great with rdr online then why the fuck does it not work anymore as of 2014? Huh? Yeah shut tf up bitch your video sucks..ps gta online is awesome your punk ass just dont know how to play pvp

  9. Yeah, this will be so much better.

    I can't wait to spend real money on Bison and Grizzly cards so I can afford that sweet armored Unicorn with a gattling gun on it.

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