In this video I cover 5 tips to improve your aim and to rack up more kills in pubg. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds requires CONSTANT practice. Hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. Which is the best close range weapon? AKM or UMP? I have once wiped out a squad using UMP. I don't know if it was my aim or if it was the UMP. I have also went head on with level 3 players with the AKM and killed them every time. The M4 and Scar never performed great for me in close range combat.

  2. 7:20 wackey jackey made a video a few days ago explaining why you can aim at someones head point blank and still miss and then he did it with a 6x and as he got closer to the target, the bullets dropped lower and lower below the bulls eye. so while in reality, you would have to aim lower to hit a target at 80m with a 4x, in pubg it doesnt seem to work that way…which is odd but its kind of not intuitive. when i was hunting with my old man, he had to explain to me why i missed a point blank shot on a grouse at 3m away with .22+red dot sighted(zeroed) at 20 m. he said aim at its neck, so i did and boom headshot. in pubg it doesnt work that way, according to the tests in wakeyjackeys video anyway.

  3. My long to medium range aiming is more than sufficient, I have no trouble pooping people behind trees and through windows, I struggle with close range aiming, when people are perhaps 5 to 20ft away from me I find the aiming to be scattered and l over the place.

  4. On mice: if you are an absolute palm user, do get the Steelseries Rival 500. It is extremely comfortable, if a tad heavy, and offers loads of button customization options. It's around 100 Canadian Pesos, so I'm guessing around 80 USGils.

  5. Even if you aim directly and shoot a guy, he still won't get hit. I shot a guy not moving from the back. I was not even 20 meter away. And nope not a single shot hit him. This game is terrible.

  6. cant explain why when i shoot my aim goes up when i watch people theirs dont even move and they just say pull mouse down but i feel like they have a setting instead of doing that

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