20 Things That ALL NEW Players Need To Know About In GTA Online!

20 Things That ALL NEW Players Need To Know About In GTA Online!
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  1. I'm not the one attacking level to hundreds they come after me And saying the I'm too weak to go after people supplies haha I laugh I'm a level 55 and I held back to level 200 for 2 hours by myself

  2. I'm almost rank 300 and I still don't attack other players, regardless of rank. I only kill an other player in self defence if they try to kill me first, or if they did kill me first I'd kill them back

  3. you know at 0:49 how do some online players have four words next to there name like Oscar_Speck where he has RNGL and Nicklyons where he has MHE how do u get them type of words next to ur name RNGL or MHE and more how

  4. Don't drive up and get out of the car with a gun in your hands to player, which is a higher rank than you

    And I am rank 80 so I have experience this in the game, because while I was doing a mission, I drove up to afk Dude was a higher rank than me, and then he killed me because I'm I got out. I was waiting for a friend

  5. Take note number any noobs that think theyre funny and kills me once just once or messes wit me I will kill u over and over and over till u rage quit made plenty ppl rage quit modded account ppl and trash tryhards so be warned

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